Solvents and odors

Odor-generating substances and other harmful organic gases created by production processes are normally present only in very small concentrations and for fluctuating periods of time. They are often not precisely definable with respect to their composition, and may also consist – in individual cases – of multi-component mixtures. The process of removal, where these odorous gases are concerned, is therefore not a standard procedure like those used to treat power-station emissions, for example, but rather a detailed task that has to be configured for each individual case.

Adsorption is ideal for this task, thanks to its physical, highly non-specific effect on adsorbable organic compounds, which causes it to function at a fundamental level. The issue regarding the target level of pollutant-absorption by the activated carbon is clarified in each individual case, on the basis of economic viability.

See below for a selection of suitable products from the CSC range.


  • CSC activated carbon HCZ
    (particle diameter of 3 mm or 4 mm)
  • CSC activated carbon
    (available in various quality grades: HC750, HC900, HC1050, etc.)
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