The regeneration

The new regeneration plant at our Vettweiss site in Germany, which is designed for the thermal recycling of contaminated activated carbon, went into operation at the start of 2011.
This plant allows us to process, for subsequent reuse, a wide range of the granular and extruded carbons used in the various stages of water treatment, gas purification and other industrial and chemical processes.
The process relies on a unique desorption process developed by us, which is designed to recover the original adsorption capabilities of the carbon concerned. This allows us to complete the cycle and conform to the corresponding legislation covering recycling management, while also making a sustainable contribution to the protection of our environment and the conservation of valuable resources.
The CSC regeneration plant also opens up interesting possibilities for you: In first place, the CSC regeneration plant offers a more cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to mere disposal or removal, while making the resulting regeneration products available as raw materials for reuse at a cost considerably lower than that of freshly-obtained carbon. The resulting advantage is two-fold, as it benefits both you and the environment.

Alongside the production and supply of activated carbon, activated coke and filter carbon, the new regeneration plant allows us to offer further possibilities to our customers:
  • The take-back of used, activated carbon for recycling, plus the supply of fresh or regenerated carbon for the refilling of the adsorber
  • The take-back of used, activated carbon, plus separate, quantity / batch-dependent recycling to allow customers to be re-supplied with their “own” specifically-regenerated product
  • The take-back of used activated carbon as a cost-effective alternative to mere disposal or removal, and its pool-based recycling along with other contaminated active carbon of a similar specification
Our regeneration plant naturally operates in accordance with all applicable legislative requirements and regulations. We also offer, in addition to our delivery and recycling facilities, a full range of services that includes:
  • The removal and installation of operating material
  • Cleaning and maintenance of adsorber units
  • Refilling of adsorbers and containers
  • Removal and take-back of used activated carbon
As a certified specialist in waste management, we can guarantee the corresponding quality-related and organizational structures in this respect.

We will be pleased to apply our knowledge to dealing with your queries regarding the subject of waste.
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