Waste incineration

Activated carbons have been used for years to remove micro-pollutants such as dioxins, furans and heavy metals from combustion flue gases. CSC has developed high-efficiency carbon grades specifically for this field of application that are very competitive compared to basic carbon products. There are more than 100 plants in the EU with moving-bed type adsorbers using granular carbon grades and/or with entrained-flow systems using powdered grades.

See below for a selection of suitable products from the CSC range.

Products with and without impregnation

  • CSC activated coke PBR + coke 2,5-8
    (impregnated types or grades without impregnation for the combined removal of heavy metals and dioxins / furans)
  • CSC activated carbon PHC
    (different grades are available such as PHC500, PHC750, PHC900 …)
  • CSC activated carbon PHCS + CSC activated carbon PHC Br
    (for the removal of heavy metal peaks)
As a certified specialized waste management company, we are qualified to take back spent activated carbon for regeneration. Our site at Vettweiss is equipped with a state-of-the art regeneration plant for this purpose.

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