Activated carbon exchange service

If the activated carbon filter media becomes spent, we will professionally replace it on site true to our company's name Carbon Service & Consulting. Your plant will be ready again for operation within the shortest possible time and we will deal with the recycling of the waste in compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations.


Our staff have many years of experience in the use of carbon-based adsorbent materials and receive regular training, particularly with regard to the handling of spent carbon. This in turn guarantees a professional and safe handling and disposal of waste materials.

Dust-free change-out

Our mobile suction and conveying system allows the carbon to be exchanged at your jobsite without emitting dust into the surrounding area.

Taking back of your spent carbon for recycling

As a certified specialist waste management company, we guarantee the return and recovery of your spent carbon on a professional and law-compliant basis. The spent carbon will be directly transported off your plant once it has been removed.

One solution including various services from a single source

The activated carbon exchange service offered by CSC includes:
  • Professional disassembly/reassembly of the filter casing where necessary to get access to the filter
  • Dust-free removal of the spent carbon by means of a mobile suction unit
  • Visual inspection of the filter
  • Sampling of the spent carbon
  • Filling of fresh carbon into the filter or adsorption vessel with additional dust removal
  • Leakage test
  • Transport of the spent carbon to our recycling facility
  • Provision of analyses of the loaded carbon helping to optimize your process
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